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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Hey Steve, thanks a lot for answering so many of these questions. You've answered a lot of questions that I've had, and there isn't really much left over to ask but I'll ask anyway:

1.) How does Tommy keep hands in good condition during touring? How does he prevent himself from getting cuts, blisters, and breaks in the skin on his thumbs and fingers, and if these do occur how does he take care of them? I'm not sure if you'll know, but it's a question I've been wondering with professional touring drummers for months.

2.) Also, since he's such a hard hitter; does he go through cymbals often?

I was also going to ask how you remember the placement of everything on his set to his preference, but I'm pretty sure that has been answered before.

Hopefully you can get the time to answer my questions!

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