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Default Re: Share your art.....

Originally Posted by Drummer Sarah View Post
Thanks :-D I never thought to add colour...could be a good idea. But, it's probably in the realms of Photoshop which I haven't figured out yet...

Yours is cool, almost like a painting or drawing or something :-)
Just a tiny, vivid splash of colour in a B&W can be striking. Photoshop is great. I was lucky because an ex taught me a long time ago (back when we had Photoshop 3) ... see if you can get a friend to show you the basics and then it's trial and error (and the Help file and Google).

Originally Posted by TOMANO View Post
Wow! So much incredible work. Kudos to all my fellow percussionist / artist friends.

Here's some of my paintings, drawings, etc:

Rock On!

Nice rhythm, Tomano. Reminds me of Thaard's images. I thought I saw a drawing of Ian Paice ...
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