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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

The man was one of the few artists in the world that God just said, "you're going to do that." I am amazed at the things I see him do and really believe that he could do anything that any drummer could do, as can the rest of us. Buddy just seemed to have that natural ability to more or less do whatever but there's nothing wrong with the rest of us doing what we do when we can.

While he was a master technician and could swing like no one he still cannot escape the realm of subjectivity. While I am always amazed at what he can do I can say that I prefer other drummers and their soloing abities as well as their groove, depending on the style of music, that is. I've never been too fond of watching guys just "go for it" with their single stroke rolls. Buddy and Ed Shaughnessy's battle for example was great but after 2 or 3 exchanges it got old. I'd rather watch drummers like Horacio Hernandez, Thomas Lang, Terry Bozzio or Bobby Rock who do a lot of ostinatos with their feet while they play with their hands, either solos or grooves. It's not just the challenge of 4-way independence but also the fact that it makes the kit sound more orchestral. After while a speed fest sounds like typing and how many of us sit there are day watching people type in the office?

Don' t get me wrong though, I still love whipping out the old videos and checking him out but I also think there are times to move forward and allow ourselves to witness the growth of the instrument. There's nothing wrong with admiring those that are here now as well as seeing them in the same light as Buddy. There's a lot of drummers, even in Buddy's time that were special and to just bow to this guy like he's God Almighty, I don't see the point. I guess I just feel for the kids who never got to see him live. I was really young at the time but I did get to see him play live once and it was indeed awesome. But to tell you all the truth, I've gotten the same thrill in watching some of the drummers today that are also doing things that a lot of us cannot do.

I guess all we can do is keep the discussion going. But again, Buddy was indeed special.
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