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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by Mrcoffee View Post
Did you ever notice that when you sit behind your drum, it can sound really bad at times even with new heads on - espescially my 12" tom that I hate sooooo much sometimes - and then, someone else sits behind it and I stand in front... or even go upstairs... the person on the drums go boom boom boom boom... and you find it sounds huge and great? I think that the sound is really different when you're behind from when you're in front... Must be the projection or something... Any thoughts?
The drums (especially the bass) sound a little richer from the spectators view. But they should get dialed in just fine from the drivers seat. My 12" on all 3 DW kits sound killer from the driver's seat. Check the suspension system, you may be getting weird pressure on a tension rod making the top head wonky.
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