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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hi All, I've been lurking around this forums like for few weeks and decided to join in :p

Real name: Marilyn

Age: Just turn 14

How long have you been playing: 4weeks? LOL I'm still a newbie ;D

Origin of user name: I've use this name on a few other forums...

Your top 5 drummers: Lars Ulrich,The Rev,Joey Jordison,Neil Pert?(I forgot his name) And the Sum41 Drummer.

Make of drumkit: Haven bought one yet..... xD

Make of cymbal: Same as above

Where do you practice: At home with pads and pillows :)

Are you in a band: Not yet...Going to be...

Do you play covers or originals: I'm still a newbie.....

What style of music: Heavy Metal(Metallica mostly),Hard Rock,Pop? (Think LMFAO)

Favourite take out food: Hmmm tough one....anything I guess? :D

What country do you live in: Some corrupted country name Malaysia....Sigh....It's Very Hard to Find Used Drums here.....

One really odd fact about yourself: A girl that drums?

How did you start drumming: I wanna be unique...besides you don't get girls drummer a lot right? ;D

Erm any idea how to get smilies? Thanks.
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