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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

Here are the prototype strainer and adjustable butt plate. We looked over a bunch of designs including many many vintage snares owned by one of the partners and this is what we came up with. Based more off the vintage drums and the Gretsch Lightning throw off it was felt that it needed to be just a simple design with minimal moving parts. I moved the fulcrum points around and this design has a positive lock to it , it will not pop open even under hard playing.
The butt plate is pretty straight forward but with using a standard 12-24 pitch rod it makes drawing or slacking of the snares much quicker.
We most likely will be thinning out the strainer demensions, even though I kind off like the feel of the beefier one in the pics.

Also one of the things that was liked about the drop design is that no matter how tight you like you snare wires , this type of strainer gives you more than enough clearance between the wires and head when in the off position. Some of the strainers we looked at had a real problem with tight snares and clearance problems when in the off position.
On those when you hit the snare with the snares off you would get some buzzing from the snares bouncing off the head.

We will also be doing a foot operated throw off down the road. The ideas for it have been penned so we just need to find time to really detail it out.

btw , The WD will be done much more professional , I got a little carried away with the die grinder!
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