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Default Re: Share your art.....

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
I was at a photog convention in Vegas and got to hear famed photog Joe McNally speak, and even though he shoots with the latest greatest Nikon that can do ISO's to 128000 (or whatever) he wants the best quality possible, so he's always at ISO 200 (or the lowest setting). I do the same thing, I want low ISO (you should try film and shoot Fuji's Velvia rated at ISO 50). The rest is technique. I say if it's good enough for Joe, then it's good enough for me.
I'm the same, it's nearly always on 100. I just wish it was less grainy at would make things a bit more easier sometimes (especially if you have no tripod with you!). I want the black black! and not a noisy mess. I'm sure my technique will improve...only been doing it 3 months :-D
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