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The megapixel count is only one part of the story. A higher megapixel count can mean a lower sensitivity/accuracy per pixel. What matters is the quality of the sensor and the shutter speed, image stability, quality of the lens and ISO versatility.

Once you get over four megapixels, unless you're doing really huge spreads it doesn't really matter provided the rest of the camera is up to it. I'm not insulting your camera at all (it's a fine camera) but I would liken megapixels to the old 'megahertz myth' of early last decade. Larger numbers don't necessarily mean increased quality. In the 'megahertz myth', manufacturers stopped taking into account instructions per cycle; which is why you had a Pentium IV clocking at over 3.0GHz effectively doing no more 'work' than a PowerPC chip that is running at a much lower clock speed.
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