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Default Re: Share your art.....

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Yeah - all two of them. I've pretty much shot with alot of different cameras, Leicas, Hasselblads, Nikons, 4x5 - cutting my teeth on film. And after a while you come to a combination that reminds you of one of your early favs. I've taken the 1D's and I make 'em act like old film cameras. I still work faster that way.

And take heart, I do not shoot with the newest DSLRs. I've been making do with the first gen 1D - they're only 4.15 MP. I've made prints as big as 16x20 with these things and no one seems to notice that my files aren't extremely huge. Which just proves that it's the
brain behind the camera (if I do say so myself). I say it's all about the lighting. Thanks for taking a look!

Attached is a picture of what DrummerSarah saw of what I usually carry around to a job. I also have bigger lights in cases and backdrops cased up and ready to go too.
Only 4.15mp? Woah! My 350D has 8mp! But I suppose it's the person behind the camera that makes great pictures! :-)

That's a lot of stuff to be carrying around! That might be me one day when I've learnt a bit more stuff...still a rookie!
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