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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name
Alexander Ljungberg


How long have I been playing
5-6 years

Origin of my username
I don't really know, it was a mockup between Impulse and something else, can't remember.

Top 5 drummers
Nicko McBrain, Chris Slade, Phil Rudd, Daniel Mullback, Joey Jordison

Make of drumkit
Pearl and Bigbeat

Make of cymbals
Premier and some unidentified

Where do you practice

Are you or were you in a band
I'm in a newly started rock band, we havn't come up with a name yet

Covers or originals
I love to play covers but i try to do them more original to me. I try to make every cover i learn more special to me!

Style of music
Rock, Thrash Metal, Power Metal, Heavy Metal, NWOBHM, Pop Rock, (Some Death Metal when i feel like unleashing some fury)

Take out food
Preferably MAX Hamburgers(Swedish hamburger fast food brand), but pizza or kebab will do.


How did I start drumming
I wanted to play a instrument and i tried guitar, still practices it but I'm not that good at it.. So my dad bought a cheap drumkit and i really liked it! Been playing ever since!

Other Hobbies/Interests/Activities:
I'm a game programming student and i play alot of PC games. I'm into cosplaying and I'm currently building a Stormtrooper costume from Star Wars. I'm also interested in Paintball and airsoft, but since airsoft got a 18 years restriction here in Sweden, i stick with Paintball at the moment.
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