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What Pop music isn't in 4!!! Try duplicating some of Ringos fills especially the snare to rack back to snare. He leads with his left hand not right. Hes a lefty on a righty kit and at times plays like a lefty, that in turns can cause a problem if your a righty and can't lead with your left. If you've never done it you'll find its not that easy for most. He understood dynamics and used them with simple technique like a slush hi hat to a tight sock hi hat when vocals came in. His washes were perfectly placed and the thing about Ringo wasn't so much his drumming as it was with his "thinking" he placed fills appropriately, he defined riffs and actually played with power and finese. I'm not sure why some folks knock Ringo he really fit the group perfectly, he had soft hands and a better foot than he needed in that group. There wasn't much need for quartering down and not much P. Jackson & M. Clarke grooves for Ringo & Paul hahahaha!!!! I'm not a big rock n Roll fan because so much of it stinks!! But when I hear heart n soul and the beat is good then I like it. Throw in imagination and talent, when those boys and their arrainger /engineer Mr. Martin hit the studio they were excellant and anyone who can't hear that and understand the amount of effort and work that went into that doesn't know Jack. Do I have to keep saying that this my opinion and it doesn't have to be read in a church or holy place of choice? I hope not! Doc.
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