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Hi everyone,

I live in Yeovil, Somerset, South West England. We are on the leggy bit that sticks out west on the map. Warmed by the gulf stream - no not my jet (I wish) but the wind from the States.

The drum kit is a Tama Superstar Hyperdrive in white, Mapex Blaster Snare. Also have an electric DTX Extreme.

Confession....its not mine! Its my Sons George Cochrane. Check out his web site at He is now 17 and just joined the signed band Silient Empathy as the drummer.

I will encourage him to join this forum.

My role is dad the roadie! I wrote an eBook based on what I have picked up and just wish I had that amazing ability. As I find out tips & strategies from the journey of being a beginner through to becoming a world drumming superstar I will pass on the tips, techniques and what materials and DVDs etc look useful along the way. If you want you can go to and I will keep you posted.

I'm an Engineer (I created Text Messaging and other stuff in the mobile telecoms & internet arena). If you are interested check out So I understand sound & tech etc, and now beginning to try drumming. Thing is I'm not always allowed on the precious drum kit! I may just have to remain inspired by all those talented drummers out there.
Carl Cochrane

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