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Default Back In The Saddle!

So...its been quite a while since I've done any posting on the forums. Ive just been so busty with the band! But Im back and Ill be chiming in fairly regularly now!

A little update on what I've been up to with the band and my drumming...

Recorded our album in multi million dollar studio with producer Tom Tatman (Stone Sour) released back in May.

Since then, we've managed to connect with publicist that got Marilyn Manson discovered :)

Now, were just booking up a bunch of dates on the road around the midwest region and doing what we do best-rock out! And for the better of the people too in doing more charity and benefit shows and what not. We've become the band that gives back in these hard times while Uncle Sam is slacking ;) Shows are getting more vital with press, and in turn the music is getting spread more. Gotta love a good movement behind good music!

Anywho, its good to be back on here. Looking forward to the interaction between fellow drummets and musicians! Get Some!
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