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Originally Posted by ag2217 View Post
Ringo was by far the archetypical drummer of his day. Besides Charlie Watts (different Style but similar music genre) he stood out from any of the "British Invasion drummers" from say the pacemakers, and that ilk. For my money the best drummer of that era up through today. His son Zach is doing a great job especially with the who.
Now can anyone give me some tips on how to get "that sound" from the Abbey Road/Let It Be sessions? Plenty of drum gum, muffles, tape and a pillow in the bass drum? At the point I'm discussing he was using the Hollywood set of Ludwig's. a 22 inch bass but looking at certain pictures off of "Sweet Apple Trax" of that era I've only seen a pillow and some tape. The miking too also is a serious consideration but anything you can help with would be greatly appreciated. And I'd like facts not outrageous guesses. Thanks.
Its actually quite simple,and the answer is tea towels,on all the batter heads of his drums,including the snare.He draped them over the entire head and used a little gaffers tape to hold them in place.The bass had a folded up blanket inside,and the reso head removed.His floor tom also had the reso head removed.

Steve B
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