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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Unfunk, the song was written and first played by AccaDacca.

Another cover ... an Oz institution - John Farnham - did a cover of Long Way to the Top. Somehow he does an extremely well-played and faithful cover that almost completely fails to capture the spirit of the original.

How could this happen? Because these are his roots:

His second wave of popularity with a more grownup image and style is still pure middle class pro-establishment (even with pat anti-war message), unlike the working class bad boys of ACDC ... neat track, though.
of course AC/DC wrote it, but i thought by some odd workings Nantucket had recorded it first (as Joe Cocker released George's "Something" first). please forgive my mistruth.

the problem with Farnham's cover is the rhythm guitar. he's missing the upswing of the high part of the chord.

re: Sadie - yer silly. hee hee. nothing wrong with a nice dose of Peter Noone inspired pop. Mrs. Brown did indeed have a lovely daughter. perhaps the guitarist needs a dose of this. 3 of the nastiest layered guitars ever.

hee hee. yer silly.
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