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Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Was it the Gunner's version of Nice Boys that got "the Tatts" known in the States or did they have some sort of exposure before that?
sorry so late. i have heard the name before, but not known the music. same with Australian Crawl. Wolfmother and Silverchair were very popular. Wolfmother's single was even featured in a commercial a few years ago (can't remember for what) cel phone ?

not sure when i heard the name Rose Tatto, but i think it was before GNR, if that's what you mean by Gunners (Guns N Roses). it was probably known here beforehand and GNR picked it up as an underground song they used to play back in the day.

local (North Carolina) heavyweights Nantucket did AC/DC's "Long Way To The Top" before AC/DC themselves did - i THINK. they toured together a lot along with Mother's Finest (the mightiest band you've never heard of). it's still my favorite version.
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