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Default Re: Oz rock!

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
I stand corrected - Shaddup You Face was UTTERLY tragic :)

Might be time for some hard rock ...

Okay, we already already have ACDC, Midnight Oil, etc but surely Rose Tattoo were known overseas!

When I saw them at the Stagedoor Tavern I was a bit, um, fragile and sitting at a table near the stage ... I can still remember my stomach bouncing up and down with the bass and kick drum. They were LOUD.

Pete Wells was Tatt's slide player and he originally came from Buffalo, arguably, Oz's first metal band

More recently, we have Grinspoon

On the stadium rock side there's Noiseworks ... their bassist Steve Balbi came from Rupert B (post #5). Great bass player. I once did a fill in at a songwriting session with some players in his circle. They were about 10x better musos than me so that was a buzz :)

Then there's Regurgitator who were more pop / indie but they could still rock

I'd better not mention Wolfmother or MFB will beat me up lol
Buffalo: yes. (not known)
Wolfmother: yes (known)
Rose Tatoo: yes: (known)

there are a lot of links supplied. i don't get to hear them all, but i try to hear two or three from every post.
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