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Default Re: Let's see your Gretsch kits (saved the best for last!)

Originally Posted by Hercules View Post
Hi Sportyridr,

Beautiful kit there !

btw - the "Catalina Club Jazz kit in Mahogany in Marine Pearl" (and other colours) are still in production but they have different lugs to yours.
Thanks Herc...really enjoying them, more so after a 17 year hiatus...I need a few cymbals and some new heads but all in all very happy

I do have a question though, maybe I should post elsewhere on the site, if so let me know, I am thinking about an evans emad2 bass skin & evans clear hydraulics or remo pin stripe on toms and for snare an Evans EC Reverse Dot Snare Edge Control Drumhead, do you Gretsch guys with Mahogany shells have any input?

I am NOT a jazz player, mostly southern rock, country and str8 up rock...I don't want anything with fast attack...I just want to blend in and have some really nice tone...but when I step up they will be there and be heard.

Thoughts?...thanks in advance
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