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Default Re: Stewart Copeland

Originally Posted by Alesi View Post
I really don't care about how he speeds up. In fact, there's some tunes in the The Police Live album that have that kind of "lack of time". But, I think about Copeland most of an extremely intuitive-tasty player. I mean, if he doesn't speed up, it wouldn't be Stewart Copeland. John Bonham is another drummer that sped up in a lot of song, but how I would point that out in tunes like "trampled under foot", for instance. It works.
The old drummers had their own sound and style.

Now every drummer sounds the same.
All these flashy licks lol.

I could tell Bonham or Bruford or Giles or Cobham by their feel and tone,not their chops.

Todays scene seems so competititive.

The fastest drummer,who can play the most grips,who can out do each other instead of focussing on the music.

I 'd love to learn all that tech stuff but my heart is in't in to it.

I see a dvd of a bloke playing some flashy stuff and the song is usually really cheesy fusion stuff with really 80s sounds lol and that's the only time you can use those flashy techniques,with really cheesy music.

The soul of music has dimished somewhat for the purpose of compettitiveness.

My feelings.

You can hate me.

I hate myself more so fire away.

Just prefer something like Cobhams Spectrum with soul than todays shyte with cheesy cheesy tone and songs.

"that guy is no good"
"he doesn't have trad grip for a start"

"he doesn't know how to play moellor grip"

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