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Originally Posted by unfunkyfooted View Post
no thoughts on what snare the Men At Work drummer may have been playing and Who Can It Be Now ?
Gawd, I had my snare since 1975 and only found out what it was last year when the drummer of the band we were supporting told me.

Then we have the tradition of goofy Australian joke songs ...

70s hit, Just a Surburban Boy by Dave Warner & the Suburbs

Bob Hudson's funny The Newcastle Song

TISM's Defecate On My Face

Joe Dolcie's Shaddup You Face, which is pretty tragic

Jimmy and the Boys (again) They Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk to Me

The best of them IMO was Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band with My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes - I saw them a few times and they really captured that old ragtime vibe. Very talented. Jim Conway (now in a wheelchair) is a brilliant blues harp player.
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