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Default Re: Oz rock!

Originally Posted by madidus View Post
I thought I'd read all the posts but obviously missed earlier references to the Birthday Party.

Not sure if I've missed it, but another cult Aussie band is of course Australian Crawl
I always thought of Aussie Crawl as a spinoff from The Sports

I doubt OS members would know of these groups ... except Unfunky who seems to have the world's music at his fingertips :)

Originally Posted by madidus View Post
And what about the Radiators? I won't provide a link to the song that brought them fame, this one's much better
Remember when they changed their name to The Rads when punk came in? lol

Another band of similar vintage - The Reels - with Dave Mason on vocals, who was the son of a conservative politician (and perhaps a great disappointment for a while :). Iloved Quasimodo's Dream

They used to practice in one of the rooms in a warehouse in Redfern, where my band used to practice. One time we blundered into their room. I admit having a go on the drummer's quirky kit (being careful to leave it exactly as I found it!) - great sounding drums.

Originally Posted by madidus View Post
And my final contribution for tonight is the Cockroaches who eventually morphed into every parent's nightmare

Great post, by the way!
Thanks! Always enjoyed Oz rock - it has its own flavour ... but I suspect that those last two links will attract people to Oz rock in the same way as Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce, is promoting tourism :)
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