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Default Re: The Grand Master BR

Originally Posted by Henry II
There's no single drummer that can do anything Buddy didn't already do, 1,000 times.
Absolutely, man!!! And there's still some people sayin' that he (Buddy, of course) could NOT be musical!!! Hehe... what a nonsense bulls*** it is...

Other drummers I also enjoy (and who posses some - and JUST some -) similarities in terms of talent with Buddy Rich: Joe Morello (great/excellent! technique, but not quite such an outstanding player as Rich), Dennis Chambers (technique, "huge hands", extremely fast with the hands and great creativity in general!!! A very funky and mastered drummer!!), Chick Webb, Steve Gadd (fantastic grooves, feelings while playin' and body movements), Lionel Hampton, Gene Krupa, Art Verdi, Mike Mangini (the world's funniest drummer EVER.. the guy is the dumbest drummer to ever seat on a drum set!!! Heh), Dave Weckl (fantastic technique and motion/speed control of any kind), Vinnie Colaiuta (fantastic drummer in almost/virtually every single rhythm in existence), Virgil Donati (great speed!, excellent technique and pretty interesting stick tricks), Thomas Lang (very similar to Virgil in terms of drumming atributes...), Hellhammer (Mayhem's - and for MANY other xtreme metal bands - drummer, the unique metal drummer to ever be graced with such honour - how how how... - insane double bass technique-and-speed ;-)) and Eloy Casagrande (QUITE young but EXTREMELY promising as a talent!!!), "etc".

I think that's a short and pretty cool list to hold as an influence to any drummer's help. At least that's how I understand all the drummers that I talk about above. Of course there are MANY others but I could'nt think of anything better when considering a shorter list of essential names which receive influence from.

- Ivo.

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