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Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Was holding off as it was a "rock" thread. But considering you're the thread starter and have introduced it, a few more for you:

Kevin Borich...with or without The Express....great bluesman.
Geoff Achison. Brilliant guitarist. One of the best we've produced IMHO.
Dutch Tilders. Sadly passed on earlier this year. Old style bluesman...didn't like the harp though, which I always thought odd.
The Giants. Bunch of big biker type guys who could really shake the room when they cranked up.
Dave Hole. WA based slide guitarist.

Great pick up. I have a mate who is an avid fan....he'd stone me alive for not remembering to mention them.

Hearing Faith No More break into that song immediately after playing The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies provided one of the more surreal moments in my concert going history.

Don't think I've seen Mental As Anything mentioned either. Another good Aussie pub rock band. They had a couple of "odes to the bottle" in Too Many Times and The Nips Are Getting Bigger, that were always a bit of fun.
And the "Shivers" link reminded me of The Screaming Jets....who covered Nick Cave's song of the same name.
Mental As Anything got press here too. don't think i've ever heard any. Faith No More also used to do the Commodores' "Easy" which i caught as their last song when they opened for Billy Idol in the early 90's.
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