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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Wow, there's more than I thought. Here's one I forgot - The Loved Ones Their big hit, The Loved One, was later covered by INXS

Ha! When I was doing the last post I was thinking a lot of bands would be buried in the text. I actually did mention The Saints and Ed Kuepper in post #4, but missed their best song, Know Your Product. (that you linked).

I like Ed's solo work His producer, Phil Punch, was house engineer (and by default, producer) of an old band of mine's demo He did an awesome job for us.

There's a link of Birthday Party too (post #43).

Well done. I skipped them because some local guys were Birdman fanatics and kind of turned me off them because they dissed music that I liked lol

Thanks, I forgot them. A guitarist in a band I was in a few years ago was mates with their drummer, Paul. He came along and jammed with us one time on the rehearsal studio kit, when I was playing keys. A powerful, rock solid drummer. I've attached a very roughly recorded but spirited cover of White Room from the jam.

Never knew much about these guys. Bit of a country rock vibe like Paul Kelly, who I was a couple of times. Not really into Paul's stuff, but he had a good band and I liked this song

Thanks! I missed these bands because I quit music and didn't even listen much from the mid 90s to 2007. Great that you guys are filling the gaps.

They were pretty big in a US for a while, eh?

Ha - I forgot about this cover! I did have some Birthday Party earlier, though (post #43). I never saw the movie. Was it good?

For the life of me, I can't remember it. Have I mentioned Crowded House? Current band covers Better Be Home Soon but I'd much rather play this one: (it gets going after about a minute)
Men At Work was the first the biggest of the first MTV bands to hit. although the was Flock Of Seagulls and other stuff, most of them were one hit wonders and holdovers from the 70's like REO Speedwagon and Pat Benatar. to my mind, The Men (as we fondly referred to them here) were the first MTV era band proper (that had staying power).

actually, i meant Crowded House. not Split Endz. i know there is a connection and i often get them confused. Crowded House's "Don't Dream It's Over" still gets play and is one of the best songs ever. Split Enz were more talked about than heard, but i'm sure they have quite a following here. the name is well known. not as often actually heard in the real world.
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