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Default Re: Oz rock!

Onya MX, another gap filled.

Then we have the self referential songs ... singin' about Orstraya.

Icehouse: Great Southern Land VERY 80s. Iva Davies (vocs, guit, songwriter) used to play in a cover band called Flowers ... best cover ban I've heard. Couldn't believe the perfect note for note cover of Lou Reed's Intro/Sweet Jane from Rock'n'Roll Animal. No joke - he and the others in the band nailed this perfectly.

Or Gangajang with Sounds of Then (This is Australia) ... there was this small movement in the 80s towards a romanticised idea of Aust. Bloody young cappuccino quaffing city slicking hipsters carrying on about the Great Outback ... yeah, don't forget your hair gel, lads

Men at Work's Downunder ... everyone knows this ... they were successfully sued by Larrikin Music for plagiarism, arguing that the flute line was stolen from and old Aussie folk song. Rubbish - it was a crock of a decision.

Peter Allen's I Still Call Australia Home *gimme a bucket* ... it's almost like an alternative national anthem, played to death on commercial TV when they want to induce a feeling of mawkish patriotism in suggestible Australians.

Easily the best Australiana song IMO is Goanna Band's Solid Rock, the didgeridoo works great
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