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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Real name?
Andrew or Drew
How long have you been playing?
4 years now, going on 5.
Origin of user name?
my name is Andrew and the month and day of my birthday.
Your top 5 drummers?
  • Neil Peart
  • Chad Selzgia
  • Buddy Rich
  • Derrek Roddy
  • Tony Royster Jr.
Make of drumkit?
Sound Percussion (I know, shitty brand) 4-piece
Make of cymbal?
Sabian B8/Minel HCS hi-hats
Where do you practice?
My front room at my house or at our singers house.
Are you in a band?
Yes, we're called Jericho
Do you play covers or originals?
Originals mostly with the occasional cover
What style of music?
Experimental Hard Rock
Favorite take out food?
What country do you live in?
One really odd fact about yourself?
Wouldn't call it odd, but i do many imitations of different accents.
How did you start drumming?
I started tapping on my desk in 3rd grade and in 5th grade went to play snare drum in the school band. I put the sticks down for three years (6th,7th,8th, and freshmen year) then i got my first set which i still have (soup percussion) and i started my band around the 5th or 6th month of having a actual kit and thats about it.
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