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Originally Posted by unfunkyfooted View Post
Lindy Morrison is my new hero. didn't Split Endz do a video in that same rustic barn / shack set ?
Dunno the vid, Unfunk. Lindy is now a management consultant or sumpin like that :)

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
You and some surprisingly "well listened" Yanks are pretty much covering it Pol. Everytime I think of one, I come back and see that it's been added (Skyhooks was my last attempt). Don't think Powderfinger have been mentioned have they? Shame to see them split last year......great band I always thought.

Outside of them, I'm scraping the barrel. Don't think I've seen Dragon mentioned...Sherbert perhaps (Ok,,,lame, but people obviously loved 'em back in the day....poor man's Skyhooks I always thought...after the fact of course, being such a spring chicken and all). :-)
Yeah, I've been impressed by a few of these guys, who break the cliche of the insular Yank :)

Yep, Powderfinger were after my time ... good pickup.

Dragon, they were super slick on stage, like a band of session players (also expat Kiwis). Who can forget their outrageous single Are You Old Enough? (just heard it on the radio a few mins ago). How did such seediness make it to No 1?? How about when they did the mime thing on Countdown ... singing "are you old enough" to a mass of screaming girls - hilarious!

Speaking of Kiwis, there was also Dave Dobbyn and his band DD Smash (also v good live) ... Whaling was a great song.

I liked two Sherbert songs - Summer Love and Howzat! - where the bubblegum was a tad less sticky.
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