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Default Re: Farewell-Daddy's Junky Music stores

This says it all, and in just about every category of retailers.

"But for the last three years, the company has struggled because of the sour economy, he said. And another tax-free entity started eating into its sales.

“The New Hampshire Advantage is real, it worked, but the Internet advantage is really similar to the New Hampshire Advantage,” he said. His stores in sales-tax states lost sales to the Internet.

And even in sales-tax free New Hampshire, the Internet does not need to locate in expensive real-estate in high traffic areas, he said. Local real-estate and construction suffer. And local charities and schools don't get the contributions from retailers.

He applauded California's efforts to force Amazon to collect sales tax.

“It really is an issue that needs to be dealt with. Eventually they are going to figure out this is a job killer,” Bramante said."
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