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Originally Posted by unfunkyfooted View Post
Bee Gees ?

Olivia Newton-John ?
The Bee Gees started their music careers in Brisbane but they'd long returned to their native England by the time they made it internationally.

Olivia ... yeah, I guess, but she was pretty well a product.

Just noticed there's not too many women in these lists ... hmm, All woman band, The Party Girls, played hard pop rock My old band supported them one time and their crew was awesome - they really looked after us and we never sounded so good. The band were nice too.

Melbourne indie band (PFOG's territory) The Go Betweens had a woman drummer, Lindy Morrison

Back to the boys, Jeff Lang is arguably our most talented blues guitarist: ... I've seen this lineup play and, while they noodle like crazy, they noodle very, very well.

Has anyone heard of Alex Lloyd? He was pretty big for a while. He started out in a band called Mother Hubbard, who sounded like Pearl Jam before Pearl Jam did. Trivia: the sister of an ex partner was friends with their drummer:
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