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Originally Posted by sticks4drums View Post
I sent one to Pollyanna to give me her sensitive opinion and she shot me down. :( Oh well.
One of the joys of being ADHD is that there can be incidents you barely gave a thought to, only to find out later that you've left bruised feelings in your wake. You're on the end of a loooong queue, Sticks. Sorry old boy! If something isn't to my taste I just say it.

Only last night our bassist went into a major sulk about an offhand comment I made. I don't geddit. Maybe I'm a sociopath? lol

There's no doubt a song in there as well ... we could call it something original like She's as Cold as Ice :)

Totally agree with Unfunky about finding a collaborator. Hard to find a creatively compatible one but there have been some great songwriting teams ... Lennon/McCartney, Fagan/Becker, Plant/Page ...
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