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Onya uniin - we're getting quite a catalogue going here.

Originally Posted by unfunkyfooted View Post
pfft. i can dig it. i usually don't play games i'm not allowed to win.

Skyhooks: i LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Skyhooks. great drum sound too. good production too. i am so remiss that i never picked up Ego Is Not A Dirty Word.
Yeah, that was the worst gig ever. Much more fun having residencies at small, fleabag bars. As for the "exposure" you receive playing a prestige venue with a name band ... it doesn't necessarily mean good exposure ...

I usually find Skyhooks songs too repetitive but they worked great live because they were so tight and had such great energy. Ego is a great little number.

Going back to 1972, this was a classic by excellent vocalist, Jeff St John ... a million miles from from the formulaic singer/dancer bimbo and himbo pop stars on the record company mass production line!

We even had our own precursor to Boy George - Jeff Duff - ... I went with friends to see a more recent band of his in a city venue. They knew Jeff and we sat and drank with him and the band after the gig. The fruity shtick is such a game - he's a really grounded, likeable guy :) ... and he's still gigging
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