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Oh my, where to begin. That's one enormous can.

So many important people to listen to. Understanding their life may help to understand some of the history of Jazz as well.

To me, you can't begin to cover Jazz History without putting Louis Armstrong near the top of the list.

Here's the really hard part... Put the quality of the recordings in context to the time it was done and the equipment available. Listen to what is happening in the music of The Hot Fives and Hot Sevens.

Want to go back a little farther? Bessie Smith (blues) & King Oliver are two names.

It's the music my Dad raised me on (I'm 45 today). He was into the music from Bessie Smith up to Charlie Parker. His interest stopped there. New Orleans, Big Band, Swing Bands, Chicago Jazz (Krupa & Tough) was all I grew up with.

Read Duke Ellington - Music Is My Mistress, and countless other books by the giants.

You'll see so many names that continue to come up and how this person began by playing in this other band with these other people that became giants, etc.... It's a big ball to unwind for sure.

Want to go to a place where so many people disagree on the quality, accuracy and depth of it? Look at Ken Burn's series. While I disagree with the people who say it's terrible, I also know his angle was not to cover "it all" - only skim it and was to stop slightly at Post-Bop times.

With any historical piece, it's almost impossible to get it all right and included. It at least would provide a launching point then you can get more facts and details by branching off in your interests.
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