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Good one, uniin. Someone had to cover the new stuff.

Originally Posted by unfunkyfooted View Post
Hard Ons: Foculate Them. Jealousy is a terrible thing. unless, erm...did you guys P them Off before hand ? either that, or your band was DAMNED GOOD. i'm inclined to believe the latter.
The Hard Ons were fine, I just wasn't into their music. It was the other mob. Good pickup, though, because there was a disagreement. They were paying us a lousy $50 and expected us to lug their stuff in and out as well. Then they told us we couldn't use our own amps and would have to use theirs but ... DON'T TOUCH ANY OF THE SETTINGS! Ja vol!

Needless to say we could see we'd been sold a crock and the vibes weren't great. It was worse after our sound was sabotaged (pity the poor audience). After we finished playing we left without lugging their gear out, which burnt our bridges with the booking agency. Stuff happens ...

Not sure if Skyhooks was known overseas. Hot live band and their drummer, Freddie Strauks, was great
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