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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Forgot about Kylie - she did well in the UK. The only song of hers that I enjoyed was Confide in Me. One band that made it in Europe (but not the US, as far as I know) was The Hard Ons ... totally not my style I remember playing a support for them at some fleabag little pub in the 80s before they went OS. Didn't care much for them much back then either ...

We also did a support for a haircut band, The Venetians ... their road crew sabotaged our sound, leaving a loud bassy hum howling through the PA and then walking out ... so we had to put up with it for the whole set.

The best of our 80s glam bands were Pseudo Echo, with their scorching cover of Funkytown and The Models The Models's sax player is now a radio host for middle aged people :)

8 Mile, the other links were blocked but I could access the Jet link Unfunky gave - it's a great little rocker. I know nothing about them lol - keep teaching me, guys :)

Yes, the Oils were always political. Refreshing when almost everyone else is singing about lurve or the LOTR or whatever :)

PS. Hey DED - did you listen to the early Hunters and Collectors link?

PPS. PFOG, I'm enjoying this little potted history too!
Kylie: Can't Get You Out Of My Head. a Sandy Dennis song, yes ? Sandy shure knows what she's doing. that girl can write a song / hook / groove.

Jet: I don't know how the vocalist keeps his voice. every song i've heard by them is like that.

Hard Ons: Foculate Them. Jealousy is a terrible thing. unless, erm...did you guys P them Off before hand ? either that, or your band was DAMNED GOOD. i'm inclined to believe the latter.
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