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Originally Posted by unfunkyfooted View Post
sorry. i got the title wrong. should be It's A Beautiful Day. i was gonna link you (there are live performances of White Bird as well as the some studio cuts), but you and i are from the generation where album and flow was important.
The album flow isn't a big deal for me - I have a pretty modern attention span, I guess. Just checked out this song of theirs ... great music but it's the Child in Time riff ... amazing they didn't take Deep Purple to court over that!

Originally Posted by mind_drummer View Post
An aussie band name that popped in my mind immediately is INXS...
My guess is that INXS, ACDC and Little River Band would be our best known exports.

Have you guys heard of Hunters & Collectors? Their drummer, Doug Falconer, was probably my biggest influence in the 80s. They were pretty big here for a while ... started out very indie quirky and ended up more slick and commercial (but still good)

Early H&C: (I can imagine DrumEatDrum liking this)

Later slick pop H&C:
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