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Default Re: School vs. Music

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
I already explained earlier that university is about learning material for yourself. The notebook has some useful stuff in it but you've got to go out and actually buy books on the subject or at least rent stuff from the library and read up on the stuff in there. That's the only way to get top marks.

Well don't be a part of the institution if you don't want to be then. But why are you still arguing about it in this thread if that's what you've decided?

You're right that not everyone who is a top drummer has had a top education. If you want to try and make it through that route then go for it.

No I'm not attacking you, but I feel like you come across as being extremely arrogant, trying to make me out to be some sort of idiot or something. What's with this last bit anyway? I can't say I particularly enjoy having such a ridiculous argument with someone I've never met on the internet either but if you want to stop at any time then all you have to do is stop making such long winded posts in order to try and score points in some sort of imaginary game.

That's what the syllabus is for, it tells us what books to purchase. I'm open to new opinions and insights, though I'm done defending my point on how crappy my curriculum has been. I'm not playing any games man... I'm just talking. And I'm just asking you to let it go. Not all curriculum are created equal. Someone below me made a good point about switching majors or schools, I think I may follow that. I'm just welcoming other ideas, that is all. No need to fuss about me posting on my own thread. PS, I never said you are some sort of idiot, but it really seems like you aren't reading what I said, I have had to repeat myself three times. I included the last bit so you are aware of your actions. I would like to keep answering you, and hoped you would turn back to the topic when I asked you to the first time, but you did not, so I will just ask again so we can keep this thread true to the topic. This is a conversation, I'm obliged to respond to you out of respect. If this bothers you then I will stop, other than that it would be nice of you to return to the topic and stop questioning my studying habits hat have gotten me this far.

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