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Default Re: School vs. Music

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
As i said before, why don't you try learning everything you needed to know for all the tests?
I get the feeling you are skimming over what I wrote. I did learn everything I *needed* to know. Your argument is invalid, especially because the terms were not in the notebook given to us as a study guide for the semester- not to mention this makes things easier for us by outlining everything we need to know in a survey class that covers a lot of unnecessary information (I hope you understand what a survey class is). And I go further by applying this knowledge, and knowledge throughout the book, throughout my extra-curricular activities. It has nothing to do with which test I scored higher on. I would like to continue this argument, but you are clearly missing the point. Sorry.

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
No-one is saying college is perfect, it's just that nothing in life is perfect but you've got to ask yourself what is more ideal than the other thing. If you'd rather be a peniless musician than get an education it's entirely your choice. But don't blame other people for what you decided to do with your life.

You're the one who has pretty much so far continued to come out with the same continuous whining about how your teacher did this, your teacher did that blah blah blah and not listening to anything else anyone has said. As I say I don't really care what you think about college, you just need to stop blaming everyone else for what you decide to do.
Hey man, first of all I would like to say I am not blaming a single person for whatever mistakes or decisions I've made. So far, especially with studies, I have made all the right decisions, but by chance I got screwed over by someone else's spiteful decision, or if it make you feel better, by chance. I'm not blaming that person or whatever reasoning they stand by, but my point is that the action was not academically honest and morally/productively correct in its application. I could care less as to whether this person continues to teach this way, but I am saying that I do not think I want to be a part of an institution or an ideology that promotes this sort of atmosphere, and can not see why I should be a part of it. I'm not asking college to be perfect. If that event had happened by mistake, I would not be here talking about this. It was don't purposefully, which brings into perspective the fact that college at times can really just be a bunch of bullshit depending on your teacher. Forget about my teacher, and understand that this is not about her (she's awesome). It is about how some subjects are taught- inefficiently.

Also, not every musician ends up penniless because they did not go to college. You would have a massive, angry mob of musicians willing to argue against you side if you took that to my town. I'm sorry if I'm not as academically ambitious as you are when it comes to wanting to pursue a musical career while I'm still young, but just know that I stand by what you quoted me on- I'm alive for the music, and I'm not trying to survive for it. I'm only trying to live for it. I took this question to this website because I know there are other drummers out there who have been through the same situation. I was not expecting a drummer to ignore the fact that skill makes the drummer, not the level of unrelated education he may have. I will not list the greatest of our times and of the past to prove my point.

I have not blamed anyone. And I refer to the bashing of people within this thread. I am not bashing my teacher, she is my favorite of them all. However, I do not agree with the actions her and her colleague took in teaching her students. Are you attacking me now? I am deciding to no longer respond to any return to this subject, especially from you. Thank you for participating- your insights were useful. It's time to move on.

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