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Default Re: School vs. Music

Originally Posted by pxavier View Post
Guys, let me get this straight. I'm not getting a job to buy more cymbals. I'm not getting a job to own a thousand stacks I won't use on stage. I'm getting a job so I won't starve my art, the one thing in life I'm best at. So before you assume I'm passive about drumming, and willing to put it off for a career in something I'm not interested in, think twice. Drumming is one of the most important aspects in my life. It is priority number one, and the "ends" to my happiness. School is just a means. And by no means can I stand for the crap I take in school. It's not right, and therefore I consciously decide to step out of that sphere and be my own man, not some cog out designing things for a body of people I've never met. Don't get me wrong, engineering is beautiful, but not as beautiful as it could be. Music on the other hand, will remain as beautiful as it can be forever. On that note, I'd like for everyone to know I am very thankful for your participation, but you need to stop thinking that college is perfect. In some cases, including mine, it takes luck and a stronger sense of passion (and sacrifice there of) to get through it. Humility is key, sometimes more than smarts.
No-one is saying college is perfect, it's just that nothing in life is perfect but you've got to ask yourself what is more ideal than the other thing. If you'd rather be a peniless musician than get an education it's entirely your choice. But don't blame other people for what you decided to do with your life.

ALSO, I'd like everyone to know that this is a school versus music thread, NOT a bash college, your opinion is wrong thread. Make comments as you please, but please respect the opinions of others. If you don't, be prepared to receive a rebuttal. The point of this thread is the conflict between music and schooling in a student's life, and whether or not it is worth it. Some people are addressing this point directly, others decide to take another approach attacking the opinions of others and not answering the question of which side's pros/cons list outweighs the other's.
You're the one who has pretty much so far continued to come out with the same continuous whining about how your teacher did this, your teacher did that blah blah blah and not listening to anything else anyone has said. As I say I don't really care what you think about college, you just need to stop blaming everyone else for what you decide to do.
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