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Default Re: School vs. Music

Originally Posted by wsabol View Post
I agree. I also heard your example the first time. Most professors are better than others. Some colleges are better than others. You get what you get. I'm sorry your music prof is a d-bag, but you should judge the entirety of the college experience on a handful of isolated incidents. Completing college and getting a degree proves to employers that your worth something.
+1 to this as well. The first year lecturers are generally crap to be honest. They were in our uni in fact the 2nd year ones aren't much better either. They put all the best staff onto final year units when you're likely to need them most. Until then it's up to you to make sure you do the work and know everything you're going to need to know in order to be able to take the exam in the subject. As I say, it's not just about passing an exam, it's about actually learning something.
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