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Default Re: School vs. Music

She created four different tests so people would not cheat on each other during the period of time we worked on our test. I failed my test miserably, because the definitions under the identifications section on the test were either bogus or were skimmed over quickly in class (in other words, were not emphasized...). I told her this, and so she wanted to prove a point to me that same day by making me take another version of the test. She took me to her office, and gave me another version of the test. I literally finished it within 5 minutes and got EVERY definition correct. Fifty minutes to fail an exam, five minutes to perfect it. Now, ask yourself... What about all the other people who have failed? They could have got a hundred, but did not because they got a more difficult version of the exam. Their future in college is based upon this exam. Because they failed this exam, they will ever be able to obtain an A. This test DID NOT measure their smarts. It did NOT measure their aptitude in identifying styles of music of specific ancient instruments... It only did one thing, make the class more difficult and unfair for its students. Who knows what to study in this class...? This is only ONE example of the bullshit that is nothing less than COLLEGE.
That's because now you're in college you're not being taught to pass exams, you should have already known all the definitions that were required for any of the 4 tests, not just one of them. When you're at lectures, you have to note down anything you think will be of importance for the test at the end of it, no matter how quickly the lecturer might go through them. Universities have to cram a lot of stuff into your head in a short space of time and as such can't go into massive detail about every little thing you need to know for the test. You should have gone and read a book on the subject and done every example and got every question in the relavent sections of those books right and if you got anything wrong, taken it to your tutor to ask how to do it, but not before you tried looking anywhere else you could for guidance on how to do it. That's how you start to learn things on your own. No good blaming other people just because you were unable to complete the test, whichever one it may have been.

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Um, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that you ditch school at your earliest convenience. Anyone as contemptuous toward the institution as you seem to be has no business being there. Besides, it seems clear that you've made up your mind on it already. By staying, you're only setting yourself up for failure.

Go play music and hope that you're both good enough and lucky enough to eke out an existence with it.
+1. Even if you do manage to come out of college with a decent grade, there is no way you'll ever get a job at the end of it with an attitude like that. Seriously, you need to get over yourself if you want to get anywhere, otherwise you'll just have to be happy with playing in dive bars every night for the rest of your life.
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