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Default Re: Oz rock!

Originally Posted by unfunkyfooted View Post
the first Mackenzie song sounded like the prelude to something good.

and yes... clouds are wonderful. : ) she's right.

have you ever heard the Have A Good Day album ? it's a monster all the way through. not only "White Bird", but it's loud and raucious and jamming and mellow too. reminds me of the Mackenzie Experiece.
And the second link IS something good!

Yes, of course clouds are wonderful ... but it's like saying water is wet lol

Nope, haven't heard of the album. Is it on da Tube?

The Mackenzie Experience? Is that like the Jimi Hendrix Theory?? hehehe

You mentioned Jimmy Barnes ... my favourite Cold Chisel song was One Long Day, tho it was mostly guitarist, Ian Moss, singing:

Before they were well known I was hanging out with some muso friends deciding what band to see and we saw Cold Chisel in the gig guide. We were saying "Cold Chisel? What sort of name for a band is that?" ... little did we know ...
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