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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Good grief - those Utah Mormon sisters rocked! lol

And The Easybeats's Friday on My Mind was covered by David Bowie.

But it wasn't all commercial. Never forget the first time I heard Mackenzie Theory on TV ... yes, they used to put music like this on TV once ... the band included the talented Cleis Pearce on viola. She later on formed an amazing band called The Magic Pudding which I saw a couple of lines. I'll never forget the way she introduced one of the songs ... "This song is dedicated to the clouds ... because they are so wonderful". Cracked us up :)

But she can play like a demon:
the first Mackenzie song sounded like the prelude to something good.

and yes... clouds are wonderful. : ) she's right.

have you ever heard the Have A Good Day album ? it's a monster all the way through. not only "White Bird", but it's loud and raucious and jamming and mellow too. reminds me of the Mackenzie Experiece.
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