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Default Re: School vs. Music

Originally Posted by wsabol View Post
I got my BS to do real science and engineering. They got their BS in engineering to do business. I feel like that devalues my BS, because they are going to forget 80% of what they learned in school for business knowledge they pick up on the job, and then go out and flaunt their BS in engineering like they can still size a piston shaft, design a PID controller, solve differential equations, etc. Its like people with a top of the line gear that can't keep time. They are out out looking hip and cool on stage, but they need to trade in those drums for some lessons.

There are definitely exceptions. Not saying everyone/everywhere is like this.

How did this get so off topic? lol. Sorry.
Actually, I think you and I are on the same page here. I knew a lot of people in college that couldn't care any less about the topics they were studying - they were more concerned with the perceived prestige of an engineering degree only to help them get out and sell widgets! I like engineering because I think it's cool. I'm definitely not getting rich off of it. Maybe I should chuck it all for sales...(not that there's anything wrong with sales people, *cough, cough*). And I am more or less a cog in our company, but as someone wise once said, "Cemeteries are full of 'indispensable' people." Not sure how that applies here; I just like that line... Oh yeah - I'm not trying to be important; I'm just trying to buy more cymbals! erm... nevermind.
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