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Default Re: School vs. Music

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Another option to financially make it in todays world is to start your own service business. No student loans, no homework, no exams, you start at the top. That's what I did, best decision I ever made. Trusting your financial livelihood to some company you work for is too risky for me in todays business climate.

With a lawnmower you can start a landscaping company. These days a licensed plumber stands a better chance of making good money than degreed engineers. There are many options available for starting your own business, and the bonus is that you are the boss, and can schedule your life a lot more to your whims rather than your employers whims. Plus you don't work at the same place, day in, day out, for the rest of your working life. I think that kills you a little everyday. I can't say enough good things about becoming an employer rather than an employee. The best part is you earn, you spend, and then you are taxed. An employee earns, is then taxed on the full amount, and then spends. Huge difference, just huge. Why not take advantage of legal tax deductions? That's why corporations were started in the first place, to avoid paying taxes. All employees are paying more than their fair share of taxes. It is in my best interest to be a corporation and write off everything I possibly can before being taxed. Why more people aren't doing it is beyond me.

It's so hard to make it the traditional way. Years of school. Massive loans to pay back. No guarantees. All kinds of competition. So many walls and obstacles to hurdle. It will never be like it was in the 50's and 60's again where you could stay with a company for life and not get screwed out of your retirement. It's every man for himself from now on, that's my stance. I don't want to depend on some company to not fire me, or merge and get squeezed out. I make my own security.
I answer to my customers only, and even though they are my "boss", they usually don't act like my boss. They are just happy that a pleasant knowledgeable person showed up on time to fix their problems. I've made many friends and business contacts through my business, hell I met my wife doing electrical. If I need a day off or I have to leave early, I don't need anyone's approval. How deballing. I just don't want to be anybody's subordinate, no thanks. I don't need anyone telling me what to do because my standards are higher than most people I come across anyway.

My own son I've instilled in him the mantra to be your own man and don't depend on anybody to survive. It's too risky otherwise IMO.
Sounds gr8. I'm thinking of going down either starting up my own business route or going freelance after I've finished my degree. The only issue though is I think I'll probably have to have some work experience to gain some credibility. So I'll still probably have to be a cog in a corporate machine, but hopefully only for a while.
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