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Default Re: School vs. Music

Originally Posted by wsabol View Post
This is a fine line that you're playing here Mike. Yes I agree, if you work for an corporation and especially aspire to a managerial position in engineering, you hardly ever grab your calculator and crunch numbers. There are nation wide and world wide engineering standards that essentially ave all the work done for you. Volume after volume of numbers and solutions that have already been calculated and solved.. you just have to look it up... That's how run of the mill engineering works and a testament to the brain drain and fall of education in this country.
I don't think it's a fine line at all. I don't aspire to a management position and I work for a firm with less than 100 people (industrial, mechanical, & electrical engineers). You'd be hard-pressed to find any of our engineers who've balanced a chemical equation, computed a double integral, or convoluted anything since college. Do we work with those principles day in and day out? Of course, and it is important to understand where all this engineering comes from.

I'm on project teams that design everything from cogen power plants down to the M&E for K-12 schools (and a whole lot in between). I can do 3-phase power calcs and control system design all day long, but get me anywhere microchip design, radio-wave anything, digital signal processing and I'm a babe lost in the woods - despite that I studied that theory in college.

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Another option to financially make it in todays world is to start your own service business ... I can't say enough good things about becoming an employer rather than an employee ... I answer to my customers only, and even though they are my "boss", they usually don't act like my boss. They are just happy that a pleasant knowledgeable person showed up on time to fix their problems. I've made many friends and business contacts through my business, hell I met my wife doing electrical. If I need a day off or I have to leave early, I don't need anyone's approval. How deballing. I just don't want to be anybody's subordinate, no thanks. I don't need anyone telling me what to do because my standards are higher than most people I come across anyway.
You rule, Larry! This is pretty inspiring stuff. Sounds like you're in an enviable position and it must be very gratifying. Honestly, I'd find it intimidating to hop our on my own like that. That, and I kind of like what I do. Still, it must be amazing to be your own boss!
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