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Default Re: One of the most incredible songs I've ever heard

Originally Posted by Arky View Post

I meant the bass drums/double pedal/16th stuff at... I guess in the 225 bpm range. Ever heard of doublebass/double pedals/drums...??? :-) I was mocking what the drummer played on the double bass, using heel up. Mostly either firing away or those bursts (harder for me). - Hey, I do have a fretless bass BTW.

I still haven't grasped the context of this post...

No. I haven't heard of double bass/double pedals on drums.....

Of course I have, what was the point of that statement lol, I thought you were referring to the bass guitar though which sounds a lot like a jazz double bass as you mentioned you played guitar. I was mistaken.

Nice to know you have a Fretless, they sound lovely if you're good at playing them, Ne Obliviscaris don't really use one on the album, but I know the bassist owns one and plays it in other projects.

With what Grunters said I knew someone would get annoyed at an entire thread dedicated to a single song, it's no biggie.
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