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Default Re: One of the most incredible songs I've ever heard

Originally Posted by Arky View Post
The phonetic spelling is pretty easy if you ever had Latin at school...
It's pronounced about that: [Nay ob-lee-vis-kah-rees]

Well, almost... In the "BIO" section they give a slightly different pronunciation but it's still targeted to English speakers, the Latin version would sound 'more boring'.
It means Forget Not I believe.

It was fun playing along to the doublebass stuff (not the exact patterns of course, but the same tempo).
I may have misinterpreted this comment but I'm fairly certain it's a regular fretted Steinberger electric bass guitar, listening to it the tone is much closer to a fretless to my ears.

Lovely violin. Love violin. Can't believe those 32nd notes on the kick drum - that drummer is nuts! If I heard this track when I was in my late teens my head would have exploded.

With today's ears, I like this more than 99% of modern metal. Frosty, the other 1% is Virgin Black's And I am Suffering, which was another link you recommended.

The growling is weird ... kind of like a shouted whisper, if that makes any sense. Sometimes he sounds like a jaguar.
Glad you liked it at least Poly :P

The drummer holds a WFD title in Australia, he's pretty quick. The growls are certainly louder than a whisper but I get where you are coming from, they are highly distorted (natural).

It was good right up until the growling, and then it looses me. I just don't understand it. I can take the odd sentence of growls and screams, but not a whole song. It has nothing to do with my age. I like the heavy stuff, but I like when the guy can sing. :)
There are clean vocals and I'd guess the growls are for less than 30% of the song but they are certainly not everyone's cup of tea. Growls get mocked by a lot of people but there are many famous and respected musicians who appreciate them, I've wrote threads with sources on this before, that doesn't mean everyone has to enjoy them however :)

I agree with the OP. I'm sorry you had to share it also.
A disquiet mind at therapy with the music.
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