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Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON
this 'bonzo used drugs' debate is a hard one. in the book mick hardly tries to hide his brother's faults so why would he shy away from mentioning drugs? after all i've read and seen i would only put it AS MY OPINION that bonzo probably tried a bit out here and there because its obvious that jimi and robert were doing loads, but bonzo was more for drinking and rowdiness. look at the fantasy sequences in 'song remains the same'...everyone is away with the fairies and wizards except bonzo...he's drag racing and roaring around the english countryside on his chopper. doesn't get much realer than that. a lot of people i know and knew took drugs and i see very few signs in john of the character quirks that come with long term use (nor the wasted skinny look - lol - bonzo was a big boy). i do see the alcoholic depressions and flares of anger and joviality. but IMO no drugs.

NJ...Alcohol, is a drug and a very powerful one...
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