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Default Re: School vs. Music

A BS degree today is what a high school diploma was in the 1940's.
I've got to agree with that. Unfortunately university these days is just a joke. Someone in my class (2nd year, Mechanical Engineering degree) today (after turning up 1/4 h late) didn't know whether "ambient temperature" meant 20C or 100C. Given that we don't tend to do tutorial classes in saunas I thought it would have been pretty obvious for someone who somehow managed to pass the first year of a degree course in something as technical as mechanical engineering. How the hell half the people in my yeargroup even manged to get onto a degree course, let alone make it into the second year, i just do not know. No wonder one of the other lecturers has to give us classes in how to get a job, or rather he tells us how bloody difficult it is to get a job these days. It's not about being capable any more, it's about how well you can write a piece of paper and bullshit your way through countless numbers of applications, tests, screenings and interviews.

Good that you want to do something different mate. Personally I don't know what I want to do once I'm finished my degree. I don't feel as if I want to spend all that time and effort just to become another small cog in the corporate machine. I think you should keep at it though, as this poster above me has explained, at least having a degree gives you more of a choice if you ever decide to hang up the professional sticks.
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