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Default Re: School vs. Music

Originally Posted by groove1 View Post
One thing to consider...a BS degree is now required for a zillion kind of jobs just because
there are so many people with them. I'm in my 60's and while I play a lot of gigs I do
work part-time jobs from time to time. Many companies are now requiring a BS degree.
Supply and demand at work. (I don't agree with it either...but I don't make up the rules)

If you can finish a degree and have the sheet of paper...I would say do it. It will help you
later on. A BS degree today is what a high school diploma was in the 1940's.
Yeah, a lot of career jobs require them. You are very right about that Also, if I need to, I can go back for 2 years and get my masters in Engineering. I'm happy I completed two years of it... I dunno, it didn't seem necessary for a lot of people to even go to high school, especially the greatest of the great. Personal, but do you have a BS? How did it help you? No need to answer, just wondering.

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
That's true.

If you feel overwhelmed by having to balance schoolwork and your passions, pxavier: don't get married or have kids...
Hey caddy, awesome point, but this is NOT always the case. Not too many, but plenty of examples in history of this ideology being thwarted.

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
Oooooh, there it is right there! Ditto for balancing work life and your passions.

Truer words were never spoken.
Yeah, work like and passion is usually only seen as separable within the sphere of capitalism (or more radically, feudalism), but there are ways around that.